「Horror Stories of a College Undergrad」

(Bitching about life one day at a time)

I just need somewhere to vent. 
Tonight, I'm not feeling very well. I mean, granted, I'm having my monthly, but still - it's this weird, emotionally unbalanced and panicky feeling and I'm desperately searching through my phone, my online messengers, for someone - anyone - to vent to and to cry with but I just.. I can't. I cant bring myself to bother anyone. 
I can't call home. My parents are asleep. They're hardworking people.
I can't call my boyfriend. I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to talk to me since I've been texting him since the morning and he hasn't replied back once. The extent of our contact today was he liked my status of Facebook. Romantic. Right? 
I can't talk to any of my roommates. Two are boys, so they'd be weirded out by a crying girl. My best friend is asleep. My other best friend is fooling around with her out of state friend who she's been friends with for years and they adore one another and I don't want to interrupt her.
I just need someone to give me a minute. To let me cry. 

I don't know what I'm doing anymore. 


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