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Something's wrong.

 I am the bitchiest person in the fucking world when it comes to missing school. I encourage everyone to attempt a perfect record of attendance. I guilt them into going by making them remember that every day is about two hundred dollar's worth you are sitting through and if you miss it, you're wasting money. I push. I shove. And yet - I haven't been to school all week. 
I missed my Perspective class on Monday. I thought.. oh. It's just a class. No biggie. Right? No. Come Wednesday when I have Intermediate Figure Drawing, I go and miss that too. All six hours of it. And today, I'm just going to go on right ahead and miss Anatomy. Aren't I fucking wonderful?

What the fuck is up with me.
I'm so pathetically lazy and it's the worst fucking thing in the world. 
I feel depressed. About my lack of gusto with school. My lack of desiring to be the fucking best bitch to walk these grounds. My weight. My bloated fatty-fatness because of my freaking period. My disappointment with how not awesome I am. Just... fuck
I haven't cut though.. so, I guess that's a plus. I really want to though. Like, shit, extremely fucking bad. 

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you are so cute, i bet little ducks and baby seals send each other postcards with pictures of you on them!


...Thank you?
I think.

...Yeah. Thanks. -wave-

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