「Horror Stories of a College Undergrad」

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Day 26 to Day 30th :: Final of the 30 Day Meme
Day 26 – Your fears {18th}
I have a lot but I always forget them when asked. The first few that come to mind would be my fear of public transportation, my fear of getting lost, and my fear of death. I know there are more - oh! I have a fear of needles. Hospitals. Doctors. Uhm... That's all I can remember right now.

Day 27 – Your favorite place {19th}
Day 28 – Something that you miss {20th}
I miss the "good old days," where I was a kid and the world, aka our neighborhood streets, seemed huge. When Kathy lived near Pollock street, when her mum was alive, when Thida was this wild haired little thing that liked to quack, when Hannah and I gossiped in the back of science class, when Shelby would get on her knees for the book down my shirt, when we were all...together. When it was good.

Day 29 – Your favorite foods/drinks {21st}
My mum's cooking, for sure. I am very partial to Italian though I'll try anything once and Horchata is one of my favorite drinks next to a good glass of lemonade.

Day 30 – Your aspirations {Today}
To be someone. Simple as that. Sure, technically, I'm "someone" now but I want to be that Illustrator in the magazines that everyone just drools over because of how fucking amazing they are. I draw for me, and someday I'll draw for a company, but I want it all to be envied. I guess my goal in life is to be envied, artistically.

{By the way: I'm home.}


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